Within the next five years, to be pioneering confectionery manufacturers MENA region through creating loved and attractive brands  produced and distributed by experts.


·    We are committed to provide healthy and safe food products to meet our customer satisfaction.

·    We are committed to invest in our human resources asset, because they are one of the key factors in our success formula.

·    We are committed to the ISO-based manufacturing processes meanwhile environmentally friendly.

·    We are committed to institutionalize all management practices.

·    We are committed to support research and continuous improvement.

·    We are committed to achieve highest performance rates.

·    We are committed to our role in corporate social responsibility.

·    We are committed to use the food safety practices.

·    We are committed to comply with the regulatory framework.

·    We are committed to assure that our raw materials are sourced and products manufactured in a responsible manner from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

Our Policy

Marbella is one of the leading companies in the food industry,which produces  gum, sweets, biscuits,chocolate and instant powder . Its vision is to produce safe products throughthe implementation of international standards and standards in quality systems,food safety, safety and health of employees and environmental protection.


Therefore, we adhere to the following:

Providing safe and high quality products and maintaining theoccupational safety and health of employees, suppliers, contractors and all ourpartners in the work, as well as preserving the environment and complying withall laws, resolutions, standards and specifications.

Providing a working environment that preserves the health ofindividuals and establishes the principle of "prevention is better thancure" to prevent accidents and pollution, reduce cost and increaseproduction through the establishment of specific and clear goals are constantlyreviewed and to provide and employ all resources to achieve our goals

Continuous improvement and follow-up of expansion goals andaction plans to achieve our goals

Provide appropriate training for all employees to achievecontinuity and achieve our goals

Introduce the correct information appropriate forcolleagues, customers and external parties and communicate with suppliers toensure compliance with all standards and attention to safety and safety of theconsumer and the preservation of the environment

Achieving social responsibility through its leading role infood production in Egypt and Marbella philosophy based on community service notonly through its distinctive products but also through the development andwelfare of Egyptian society


·    Misrfoods factory had been established in July 1994 in 5th Industrial Zone, Area 48/ a 6th of October City.

·    We started by gum products as Marbella(Coating tablets) and NINO (double twist) products, We succeeded To increase our products categories range to include Hard candy as Glass, Lollipop and soft candy products as Toffee and Éclair.

·    We succeeded to add instant powder industry to our product portfolio in 2010.

·    Huge machine capacity give us opportunity to include many variety for all gum tablet shapes like single and double twist,  stick ball flow pack, coated flow pack tablet, Blister pack and recently the 2 and 3 colors shapes…..etc.

·    Gum base manufacturing in-house give us the challenge for change and innovation.

·    We have the famous brand "Marbella gum" in Sudan and other Arabian countries.

·    We certified by ISO 22000 ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP .